SOME personal History ~ 

I have enjoyed drawing since I was a little girl.  I grew up in a home that allowed much freedom to play, read, imagine and wonder.   My father owned a weekly newspaper in the small town of Duncannon, Pennsylvania.  He was also the editor-publisher and he wrote a column every week, giving commentary on any subject that struck his fancy.   He always read his typed manuscript aloud to my mother.  She was his sounding board before he submitted the copy to the lino-typist.   My sister and I were often privy to the reading, a ritual that was usually accompanied with gusts of laughter, sometimes tears, perhaps a question of punctuation, and once in a while the remark, " is that really a word?'

Dad brought home little pads of paper from the print shop.   The sheets were colored in pastels of blue, pink, green and yellow.  My sister and I filled the pads with tiny pencil sketches.  Sometimes he gave us surplus letterheads from commercial jobs. These larger sheets became the nice white ground for our more elaborate drawings

Our home was the constant abode of cats and dogs.   And so pets were, and have remained, models from that time onward.  But I like to draw just about anything.   I went to work at the newspaper during my school years, and after graduation from high school I took up the job full-time.   Many occasions arose for me do illustration for the paper, and for commercial printing jobs.  I was taught the skill of using quill pen with India Ink during  junior and senior art class.   It has been a boon to my art endeavors these many years.

   Friday, September 25, 2015                                              Scotty Brown